'96 VW Jetta flooded


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'96 VW Jetta flooded

My '96 VW Jetta flooded after it left me by the side of the road. How can I un-flood the gas from the engine?
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mike from nj
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any flooded car on the planet, can be cleared by holding the gas pedal to the floor and trying to start the engine(cranking it)

your question should be, why did my car flood out?

--spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor---all in the engine too long(no maintenance)

--timing belt jumped--and probably did damage to the engine, it should be replaced regularly as per the owner's manual.

--any check engine light on recently---it means something

--drove through a big (huge) puddle, and the wires got wet. you will need to dry them, and that takes a while to do.

1. let us know which engine you have

2. let us know what you come up with
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It is a 2.0 4 cylinder. I eventually got it started, but now I am having problems getting it started again. It doesn't seem like it is getting any gas now. It is also making wierd hollow popping noises from the muffler. Not like a back-fire, more like a pringles can.

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