Wobbly Wheel


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Wobbly Wheel

1995 Toyota Camry
4 cyl.
Front Wheel Drive
135,000 miles

The front driver's side wheel on my car has been wobbling recently. It wobbles most when I'm accelerating until I reach about 45 mph and then it seems to almost stop. The steering wheel also pulls strongly to the right...at all speeds.

I checked the tire for uneven wear and it looks fine. The lug nuts were also on very tight. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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my 2 cents

Jack up the front and grab the tire and try to wobble it.Also swap front tires to the back and see what happens.You might need an alignment if the pulling does not stop.If the problems go away after the tire swap you might have a bad tire or bent rim.
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It sounds like you have a tread separation in the tire. If you jact it up and rotate it, a deformation should be quite obvious.
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mike from nj
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two good answers so far.

i'm curious though, how do you know a particular tire is shaking up til 45. did you drive with your head out the window?
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Good point Mike!

Often woundered how some one knew which wheel was vibrating. After all my years I have never been able to develop that skill. Would come in handy in our line of work.

Now for the poster....when you say wobble are you seeing it or you think it must be wobbling cause you feel it?
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It's Fixed!!!

Hey, thanks for all of your help everyone. I rotated the tires...should have been done a long time ago anyway, and the alignment problem that I thought I had went away.

The driver's side tire was in pretty bad shape which was causing the steering wheel to pull to the right and the wheel to feel like it was wobbling. Thanks again.
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That tire is NG, the belt is probably seperated....you should replace it.

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