Extended Service Waranty


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Extended Service Waranty

I am looking to Buy an Extended Service Waranty for my Kia 1998
with 37000 miles on it do you know any good websites for this
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I may be wrong but I think only car dealers new or used sell warranties because the vehicle is certified by them as in good(insurable)condition and low risk to the warranty company.If this wasn't the case you could go buy a warranty for a car with a bad engine and turn around 1 week later and have it covered under warranty.How would an online company verify the make/model/year/mileage/vin or vehicle condition?A call to a used car lot in your area should answer if you can purchase a warranty at all.Don't Kias come with 10/100k powertrain or is that just the newer ones?
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The best Extended Service Waranty to buy is fron the Manufacturer. They will always be there (not going out of business). They will do factory approved repairs(not junkyard stuff). Dealers across the country, 800 numbers if things don't go right.

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