1989 Pathfinder repair question


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Wink 1989 Pathfinder repair question

I included a "happy face" icon - with hopes someone can help me self diagnos my auto. It seems every time I take it to the mechanic, it's over $1,000.00. I have a 1989 Pathfinder - Nissan (4 wheel drive) - I was driving on the freeway this evening when the pathfinder could not gain speed - above 55 mph. It then stalled, but I could restart it, managing to drive home (about 4 miles) from this point. In driving home, I had to quickly keep pressing up and down on the gas pedal, it was though gas was not entirely getting to the engine when pressing the gas pedal.

Can anyone help figure out what this problem might be? I very much appreciate your help.

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There are other possibilities but it sounds like a bad fuel pump or plugged fuel filter. The fuel pump is no easy task. It is in the fuel tank and generally requires removing the tank to change it. You will have to verify this with a fuel pressure gauge first and the see if the pump is getting electrical power.
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Thank you!

Thank you for your reply. I feel it's helpful to have some sort of idea of the potential problem prior to taking my auto to the mechanic.

This problem just appeared all of a sudden, with no prior notice. I might add when I kept pressing on and off the gas pedal; the pathfinder would stall had not done this.

Thanks so much again.


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