top speed (not repair)


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Question top speed (not repair)

I've got a serious question here. I am trying to find, anywhere, the top speed for my Mazda Protege5. I have a speeding ticket I would like to fight (trooper said he clocked me doing 110mph) and I am certain my car cannot do that on flat pavement, unmodified. Any help as to where I can find a top speed for my car, in case is Friday! Thanks!
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Whoops, might I add this is a 2003 model Mazda Protege5.
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either speak to someone extremely knowledgable about the product at the dealer(not all dealers, you might have to make a few calls) or speak directly to the manufacturer. i doubt you will get anything in writing though.

what's the speed rating on the tires, a manufacturer usually cuts the speed before it reaches the max speed of the tires.

put it up on jackstands, and drive it until the computer cuts out the fuel, with no load on the wheels, it will be close to the reading on the speedometer.

let us know how much the fine is.
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Pay the ticket. You can't win that battle.
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Check out . Brother in law is quite good at getting out of speeding tickets, 3 last year, and told me to look at this site if I ever get my burban over 80.
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Top speed of the protege5 is probably around 125
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a good free info site is[email protected]

search around the site and see what you can come up with

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