1984 Buick Century 3.0 eng quiz


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1984 Buick Century 3.0 eng quiz

My mother has this Buick since it was new. Only 64,000 miles. How often should the intake gasket be replaced? The car races at high idle for 15 minutes before you can put into gear or it dies out. I thought it could be the intake gasket since no codes are brought up. The check engine light does work. When able to drive, the engine surges all the time in gear. Anyone know what this could be? We even change the ECM. It has the last year for the Varijet carburetor on this vehicle, and I know they are no good when old and worn. But only 64,000 miles? Any reply is welcomed.
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could it be...

...that it's a 2.8 and not a 3.0? I don't recall varijets on those engines (I worked in a pontiac/Olds dealer from 80-91)...all the buick engines had dualjets as I recall. at any rate...carb adjustments were critical on those things(both carbs)...both internal and external and even then...some vehicles needed to be tweeked a little to make them as good as possible. my opinion is that even the best ones were a far cry from FI. You might try richening the primary vacuum break a little and make sure that the fast idle speed is correct to the letter. those are the two things, IMHO, that affect cold operation most.

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