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Hi i am new to this board found alot of great information and joined. i have a 94 pontiac grand am 3.1 V-6. My wife went to start it and it would not turn over. However the ignition was making a clicking sound. all the lights and radio work. The battery is only a month old. I suspect it is the starter that killed my last battery and that is what my problem is today. Any suggestions. I took my starter out and ran power to it from my battery and it engaged. do you think it worked because it wasn't under any load. or is it OK. aNY HELP would be appreciated.
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dead battery....
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Charge the battery and the car should start.Check for 13.5 to 14.7 volts across the battery with the engine running.If it's lower than this you need to check the alternator and wiring if it's higher you need to check for a drain on the battery.Use a voltmeter not the guage on the dash.
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Also check your battery terminal connections. Those side posts are deceiving sometimes.
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all that being satisfactory...

...those things are notorious for starter solenoid intermittants...after making sure that the battery is charged and the charging system is almosy need it to "not start" to verify what's happening. a test light or voltmeter to ground at the ignition terminal on the starter solenoid when trying to crank will tell you the story.

test light lights = you need a starter

no light = check for power coming out of the ign switch when trying to crank
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Thanks for the great information. I will be back again. If the occasion arrises i will try to give my help as well.
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OK maybe I will just keep my opinions to myself. I just noticed by your signitures that you are all certified mechanics. I think I will just listen.

thanks again
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