Fuel guage - 1997 Chev Blazer

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Smile Fuel guage - 1997 Chev Blazer

My 1997 Chev Blazer v6 with 155K miles has just had a strange occurrance. The fuel guage went down the just under 1/2 tank and then instead of continuing down as the fuel tank lowered it went up. When it finally reached "full" I put gas in it and it took 18.2 gals. The fuel guage then registered full. The guage is now just above 1/2 and that is where it should be based on the miliage since fillup. For the last year or so the fuel pump, which I believe is located in the fuel tank, has been making a buzzing sound. Can you advise as to the fuel guage ... is the fuel guage sending unit integral to the fuel pump on this vehicle?

Thank you very much....
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fuel pump

yes your fuel pump is in the tank it is attached to your fuel sender which operates your guage. you may check to see if there is a short between sender and guage. not sure but almost pos that the sender works on a ground therefore a short would peg the needle also im not sure but i believe that if the sender is bad it will cause the needle to peg this could be tested by dropping the tank ( you prefer almost empty) and manually running the sender up and down. good news is the entire unit is available at your local parts store (i know at napa).bad news not a cheap fix
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Thank you very much PNUT883.

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