Motor Mount Removal on '94 Jeep


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Motor Mount Removal on '94 Jeep

I have a '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 4 liter engine, 4 WD, auto transmission and about 91,000 miles. I have a lot of vibration when the car is in drive and stopped. I posted this question a few weeks ago and received the advice to check the motor mounts and sure enough, the driver side had a lot of the rubber around the mount cracked or missing.

When I went to change it, three of the four bolts are easy to get to but the 4th is tucked behind the steering shaft and is impossible to get a socket on. When I try to go underneath the shaft with a open end wrench, there is not enough room to get any torque on it to break it loose. Has anyone run into this before? Is it a good idea to remove the bolt on the steering shaft to gain access?

Thank you for your help.
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I can't remember specifically which bolt your referring to but I believe I accessed all of them from the bottom with and extension and impact swivel. I think there was just a single not at the top which I did the same thing. There may be an access hole to slip an extension through. I remember them being a little tight for space coming out too.
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Thanks to who ever suggested changing engine mounts with my Jeep problem of heavy vibration while in idle. After not believing the advice, I tuned the car (plugs, cap, rotor, wires), changed the trans filter, fluid and adjusted the bands and had the injectors cleaned at a shop. After all that failed, I checked the mounts and sure enough, they were in very bad shape.

Also, for a '94 Jeep with a 4 L engine, the only way to get to the driver side mount is to remove the steering shaft and then the job is easy with a 15mm socket.

Again, thanks for the help and now I am a believer.

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