clutch trouble


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clutch trouble

My car: Honda 1995 Accord LX 2.2

My car was sitting outside in the cold after spending time in the garage. I got in the car and pushed down the clutch and there seemed to be a lot of play - i could push it down about 2-3 inches before it was somewhat firm. When i first start to drive i can barely shift it. it doesn't grind, but its near impossible to get it into gear. After i get going the shifting gets easier, however the pedal still has the same amount of play and softness. any ideas?

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I assume it didn't do this before it sat for a while? Did you check the clutch master cylinder fluid level? If it is low you probably have a leak some where.
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actually it only sat overnight.
i didn't check the fluid yet.. wanted to see what anyone thought might be the trouble.
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Sounds like a fluid leak for sure. Change bothe the clutch Master and the slave cylinder to avoid future problems.

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