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My son has a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee and he has to keep adding antifreeze every 10-14 days. There is no visible leak outside or on the ground but you can see it on the inside of the radiator and the fan. Is this a case where we can use an additive that seals leaks on the inside of the radiator and is this a good solution?
thanks in advance.
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No, it's just going to clog other stuff and cause more problems.

Repair the rad or replace it.
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my 2 cents

Are you saying you see the fluid on the fan?If that is the case one of the tubes has a hole in it.You can take it out and get them to recore the radiatior.
Dont put that leak fix stuff in it causes more problems down the road.
Also first check all the hose clamps and hoses you might find a loose one.and if you do recore the radiatior just replace all hoses anyway since they are almost 10 years old.
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some people call it a 'stop leak' additive, i call it a 'stop heat' additive, cause they usually add enough to do just that.

grand cherokee with what, V8 or straight 6???

v8s are known to have leaky thermostat gaskets, get a flashlight and look straight down behind the alternator for a heavy crust buildup. there's your leak, and it will never reach the ground, so you won't see it, but you can sure smell it.

to properly find a leak, you need a radiator pressure tester, some parts stores will rent you or lend you one, because they know you will soon buy parts from them. this will identify all the leaks.

fix it correctly, with new parts, not a magic trick in a bottle, all that does is make the money in your wallet disappear, then you still need to fix the leak.

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