1994 toyota pickup 4x4 lube job. Finding infomation?


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1994 toyota pickup 4x4 lube job. Finding infomation?

Hi again everyone,

I search the web endlessly for every DIY job I do but I always end up here. You guys are great.

So this 1994 toyota 4x4 pickup I just inherited most likely needs a lube job. I am going to go out and purchase a grease gun down at the parts store but have a few questions if I may.

1.) I hate to lay down $20 for a chiltons that covers toyota pickups 1985-1998 when only 10 pages covers my truck. Is there a resource out on the world wide wait that I could get a rundown of the grease fitting locations I need to lube up?

2.) I have only watched people lube up different places on a vehicle but I am no idiot. (disputable) Is there some trick besides attaching the grease gun and squeezing the handle?

My overall concern is that the maintainance records on this truck are shaky at best. Before I pop this baby into 4 wheel and start humming up the trail I would like to make sure everything is lubed ok.

3.) What the heck is that popping noise when I turn the wheels? (For some reason ball joints comes to mind?, how do I check them?)

Thanks everyone! Your help is saving me a ton of cash!

seemingly eternally jobless,
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Did you check on the back of the drivers sunvisor?

Toyota puts lube info there unless some removed it.

$20 bucks is cheap for info that could save $1000's . '85-'95 is basically the same.

$60-$100 for the OEM manuel which will have the best info. May be able to finder them on E-bay for less
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There actually IS info posted on the visor. I didn't want to take for granted those are the only places I needed to lube though. Thanks again Toyotaman, do you ever sleep? *grin*

I have only bought chiltons for singular year models ('98 Firebird, 2001 Eclipse, etc.) and didn't know that Toyota pickups were similiar for so many years. After being unemployed for 14 months now I need to watch every penny.

Thank you for the advice Toyotaman, I owe you a beer or two.

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The only other place is the upper and lower ball joints. They come with 10mm head plugs installed. You can replace them with grease fittings.
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Ok now you are just scaring me.

How do you KNOW these things???

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