Power Antenna Honda Wagon


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Question Power Antenna Honda Wagon

1994 Honda Accord LX Station Wagon. The power antenna is making a clunking noise and is not raising or retracting the antenna mast all the way. The entire motor and antenna assembly is a very expensive part from Honda. The mast is available as a separate piece but I'm not sure if this is the problem. Have you had any experience with this? Thank you.
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This is common- and easily fixed

I had this same problem on my Honda, and this is what I found:

The antenna deploys and retracts using a notched nylon strip that basically acts like a gear. This nylon "gear" is about 18" long and looks like a beefy cable tie. Yours is broken somewhere along the length.

I found a replacement mast on EBay, and it turns out the Ebay people have a website:

They have excellent prices (I think I paid about $12 or $13) and they send a cheat sheet along with the new mast that will walk you through the whole process. They were helpful and friendly in their emails, too. From what I recall there's a way for this thing to break that's VERY easy to fix (basically, pull the old nylon piece out and feed the new one in) or a way that's COMPLICATED to fix. Mine was complicated, and I wound up pulling the interior panel off, unmounting the antenna motor and taking it apart, then pulling out the broken nylon piece and putting the whole show back together. It took some figuring out and took some time. So I hope yours is the easy fix!

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Power Antenna Honda Wagon

Thanks CycleZen. It looks like this will solve it. I disassembled and found the plastic "geared" lead broken from the antenna. Mast replacement should do the job. Thanks again.

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