95 crown vic


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95 crown vic

1995 Ford Crown Vic 4.6 a/c power options with apx.160000k.
This is my grandfathers car and about 4 days ago the ABS light came on and stayed on.And when you come to a stop the brake pedal starts to "chatter"just before you come to a stop.This happens on dry pavement.Now the light is out but the problem with the chattering is still there.He took it to a servive station and they checked the codes and took it for a drive.The diagnostics came back fine but the mechanic said something definitely felt different.He also said that there is a sensor you can unhook for the ABS.I was wondering where its located and will the system be fine without it.He would really prefer not to have the ABS but doesnt want to harm the car or anyone else for that matter....Thanks
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Anytime the light is on your ABS is disabled. I wouldn't try to disable it because if it sees any problem, it will disable itself. If your feeling something while that light is on then your problem is in the regular brake system. Check to see if you have any loose wheel bearings for one possibility.
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If the abs lamp was on a code should be stored.In any event it sounds like a wheel speed sensor is dropping out,pull the abs fuse and roadtest it again if it works ok(the regular brakes)you have an abs fault.A cracked reluctor ring on the rotor or a sensor mounted in the steering knuckle could cause this.An aftermarket scan tool may not read the sensors quick enough to determine which one is at fault.I believe you have 3 on this vehicle 2 front 1 rear but I would think it's one of the front ones.
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if I read his post right, the problem was occuring while the light was on which meant the ABS was out of the loop at the time.

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