Pump Failure?


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Pump Failure?

The Toy 4-runner v6 has a short shaft that sticks out from the block right between the two pulleys for each cam(its a dual cam). This thick hollow shaft has a bearing inside. Well, my truck began making a loud chattering noise on a very cold morning. I checked under the hood and the outlet water hose on the radiator had been forced off the radiator fitting and water slush was being forced out (by the way I did not have any anti-freeze in the engine). A few days later I took a closer look by removing the cover for the timing belt and that was when the actuall balls in the bearing began to fall out on their own. The bearing inside the shaft was heavily damaged. Was this due to the freezing of the water or was it due to the water pump? Can somebody please help me? Dealer would probably want a fortune to fix and I want to try and do it myself. Please advise.

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That's not an easy job at all and if you make a mistake timing it, that could cost you an engine. I wouldn't advise trying that if you've never done a timing belt on a dual overhead. It also requires some special tools to hold the two cams in the right place.
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You didn't state what year you have....I'll assume you have a '88-'95?

It is a non-interference motor so a mistake in timing will only result in poor running or not at all. Those bearings do go bad, I can't see the connection of the slush...but than again I usually don't see them frozen.

The coolant plays no part in cooling or lubricating the bearing.
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