Coolant Leak-96 Explorer


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Coolant Leak-96 Explorer

I have recently developed a coolant leak at what appears to be a sensor. The sensor is located just inside the firewall inside the engine comparment. The hoses going through the firewall connect to a manifod with the sensor on it, which then connects to two additional coolant hoses that lead towards the radiator. The leak appears to be coming from the sensor itself and not the hoses. Any advice to what the sensor is, and what i need to replace?
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That's not a sensor. It sounds like your describing the heater control valve. That controls the hot water in and out of the heater core. They do occasionally leak. Just buy a new one and replace it. Be careful not to tug too hard on those hoses and break the heater core.
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As Desi said be careful of the heater core. The hoses can become stuck on the heater core or other metal pipes such as on the heater control valve.

If they will not come off easily you can cut the hose off about an inch from the conection then take a sharp utility knife and split the hose almost up to the connection. Then carefully cut the hose lengthwise where it is slipped over the connection but DO NOT go all the way through and cut the heater core pipe or any other connector that you plan to re-use. Make sure both cuts line up with each other. Then grab the 2 sides of the first cut and pull them apart and you can peel the hose off of the connector.

If any pieces of the old hose are stuck to the connector be sure to clean them off before putting the new hose on.

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