1983 olds 5l. 305 ci. hei? carburator


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1983 olds 5l. 305 ci. hei? carburator

i was driving along and it just konked out like its not getting spark maybe. hard starting and runs weak if i dont hit the gas. i'm gonna replace the cap and rotor but is there a test for the coil? resistance maybe?
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had an '83 Cutlass, had the same kind off trouble. It was the ignition module. When you take the top off the distributer, you'll see it. Just a thought.
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there's many possibilities...

...but to answer your question about ignition coils...yes, there is a resistance test. for an HEI coil the spec for the primary winding is .5 - 1.0 ohm and for the secondary winding it's 6,000 - 30,000 ohms.

you could put a spark tester on it, they generally put enough load on the coil to rule out a weak one and dynamic testing is better than using an ohm meter.

when was the last time it had a fuel filter?

ign modules are testable at most parts stores.

perhaps you could give a more detailed description of what it does and we could offer more direct advice...
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I agree with carguyinva that there are many possibilities and ignition wouldn't be my first suspect. Generally when a module quits, it yes or no with spark. When a coil goes bad, it's usually load that cripples it. I would start out looking hard at fuel supply AND QUALITY. I've seen water in the fuel act like that too.

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