Where is my resistor?


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Where is my resistor?

hi guys - remember me?? heehee

Okay - same car - 82 5th avenue/new yorker 318 damned if I know what size tranny...

well, last time, I was asking about how to get this darn car started because it was soaked/frozen etc from Manitoba cold and 16 year old driver hitting the ditch too fast.

Well, we HAD the car running - but as it was warming up, the ALTERNATOR blew - i guess it was wet from the snow and as it all unthawed and melted, water got into the alternator and it fried...make sense?

So we replaced it with a brand new one.

And we havent been able to get the car started since...hahahaha

What is it doing? well, you turn the key it wants to start but there doesnt seem to be any spark. if you pour GAS down the carb and try to turn the car over, it doesnt start - it turns over and the engine is cranking over, but no fire/spark...i repeat...doesnt have spark.

I pulled the plug wires - made sure they are dry - pulled the cap (again) made sure it was dry - referred to my previous post here about 20 times to make sure I had the firing order correct, the coil wire on right, etc...still no go...

So someone suggested that it could be the resister - because if teh car was hot, and hit the snow, it would have cooled off really fast and could have cracked...so I went and bought - a two prong and a 4 prong - because I couldnt find it in the first place.

Some say its on the fire wall - I looked over both and couldnt find it...some say its by the distributor, and I couldnt find it...so anyone have any other HINTS??? on what I am looking for? I know its a ivory covered piece of porceline with plugs on it, but where can it possibility be screwed to? Someone even suggested UNDER the distributor cap...

give me what you got guys PLEASE....I am willing to even take pictures of this engine/and compartment so people can know how its set up so I can get help....

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it looks like...

...it's on the firewall to the right of center (keep in mind it's right as you sit in the driver's seat) I looked in AllData and they don't list a 5th ave in 82...so I looked at a new yorker with the same engine

don't know if this is helpful or not...but a good pic of the engine compartment might be a good thing if you don't find it

good luck...

oh..and BTW...please be EXTREMELY careful pouring fuel in an engine and cranking...it's VERY dangerous. one backflash you could have a serious situation on your hands (literally...i put a frien out that was doing that once...he was pouring the fuel when it caught his hand and arm on fire)
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If you want to find out if you really need that resister just take a testlight to the + side of the coil for power with the key on. If you've got at least 8 volts there, you don't need one. Even if it's bad, it should still start and stall when you let go of the key.
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I've seen these resistors mounted on the manifold, on the passanger side of the engine, about 2-3 inches from the carb. Sometimes a wire harness runs over the top of it..
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