Distrubter assembly


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Distrubter assembly

I was wondering what may be causing my distrubter assembly to fail...I had it replaced twice (costs a fortune) now I need to get it replaced again..every year and a half or so this happens. Is there something that could be causing this problem? I'm very frustrated with my 1996 Dodge Stratus ES !!!
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My first instinct would be substandard parts. You didn't say where you were getting these distrubutors. If you buying cheap remans from the discount houses, then that's what I'd blame. There really isn't anything in you car that would hasten the failure of these parts except sub-standard parts. If your using factory parts as you should be, then I would inquire at the dealer for some input.
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i had a lengthy phone conversation with a technician in a 'garage'(a regular auto repair place). he knew what he was doing, and had quite a bit of knowledge about this system, however, he had the same engine as yours and it wouldn't start. long story made short....his brand new 'remanufactured' (non-dealership purchased) distributor was bad, and it was the last thing he was suspecting. he went over that car from top to bottom, analyzing everything for days, all signs pointed to another distributor. another 'new' one and it started right up. who knows how long it lasted.

these distributors occasionally do go bad, however, everyone i've replaced still had original 'high mileage' or aftermarket wires on it. that will burn the coil out as it can't stand the extra heat from high resistance wires.
if you want a reliable fix, i would recommend a 'dealer' distributor, new factory wires, and the correct spark plugs. better be sitting down when you see the prices. if one ever went bad again, i'm pretty sure they would be back at our door for a fix.

your engine and distributor are mitsubishi, blame dodge for putting japanese stuff under the hood for the high prices.

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