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Question 88 celebrity starter

I have a 1988 chevy celebrity, I have determined that the starter has gone bad and I am in the process of changing it but ofcourse the easiest jobs turn into the hardest. I cannot get it to come out of its seated position. I have gotten it to move side to side and forward a bit but still not enough for it to come completly out of its seated position all of the bolts and nuts are out, is it a suction of the gease or am I not pushing or prying the correct way. Please I need help this is costing me alot of money with my job. Thankyou very much for anyone that can help me out.

signed: starter jam
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you may have something between the starter and engine still connected or the flywheel is catching on the bendix . you can try to move it towards the engine a little and pull out . i hope this will help you some .
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There could be a bracket on the back end or the cable is still slipped over the stud and holding you back.
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Some of those had a round tube that was flattened on each end and bolted to the end of the starter and the side of the engine. This provides rigidity to keep the starter from twisting under load.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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thankyou very much for all the help, I have finally figured it out. The frame was bent and there was a bolt the longest bolt that was touching the frame. I got it out and the starter slipped out with a little bit of help with a crow bar. Thanks for the help.


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