Dakota Brake Line


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Dakota Brake Line

I have a 1989 Dodge Dakota and the brake line going from the wheel to the frame connecting to the hard line ruptured. I bought a replacement line but i cant get the connections seperated. I've soaked it with brake loose oil stuff i got at Napa, no luck. Advice from my brother was to use heat, no luck either. I dont know what to try at this point, any ideas?
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this happens from time to time

if even a proper 'line' wrench starts to round off the nut, i use two small pairs of 'vice-grips', one to hold the rubber line steady, the other to loosen the steel nut. they should be clamped tight too.

once you break it loose, watch very closely at the steel line, particularly the nut. if the steel nut is frozen to it's own line, you will need to twist the rubber hose off or you will break the line and have to make a new one. it takes less than a quarter turn to break that steel line.

if you don't understand---ask

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