daytona cooling fan


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daytona cooling fan

i have a dodge daytona 93 and the radiator fan wont kick on and i was wondering what is the best and least expencive way to diagnose the problem ... the fan will turn and it looks as though all the wires are attached to the fan and the motor i don't beleive that it is broken but if it overheats it boils and the fan won't kick on. is there a sensor... where... maybe a fuse? do you need an air conditioining belt to turn the fan on? i don't have one on there? any advise?
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mike from nj
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which engine----always helps

there might be a relay center behind the battery, if not, there's a bunch of relays behind the battery. the center will have them labeled(and make it easier)

there's a chance that when the a/c compressor seized up, it took out the fuse(no belt usually means it seized) if you have a center, there will be a maxi-fuse there. if no center, there could be a burned fusible link, which is harder to repair, but not impossible for the motivated.

start the car up, cold engine, and unplug the coolant sensor. depending on which engine it is, will put it in different locations(v6--behind the distributor, 4 cyl---on the side of the thermostat housing), either connector will have 2 wires in it. if the fan comes on immediately, you have a working fan system. if the relay clicks once and the idle changes, but no fan, you have a burnt fuse or link. if no sound from the relay, you have other problems.

let us know what you find.

you might want to purchase a 'test-light', not a $1.99 one either, this will make your diagnosis go much easier.

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