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Flasher Location 1994 Dodge Ram Van?

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Join Date: Aug 2003
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02-19-04, 08:23 PM   #1  
Where is Flasher can on 1994 Dodge Ram Van v6?

I have a 1994 Dodge Ram Van 150 V6 engine. It needs the flasher replaced (see symptoms, below). Where is the flasher "can" located on this vehicle?

Symptoms: Turn signals work, they just don't blink. Rarely, they will blink slowly. Both sides equal behavior. When one side flashes, the other will flash, when one side is steady-only, the other side is the same.

- Brian

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02-19-04, 09:07 PM   #2  
mike from nj
my memory is fading, i don't work on these 'old' things anymore. (ask me a question about an 01 or 02)

i would first look in the fuse block in the glove box, then i would pull out the glove box(no screws) and look under the fuse block. if it wasn't there, i'd look directly under the steering column, it might be hanging down on it's own wire or clipped on something in that area. it should be the standard flasher unit, the little round metal can that's been used for years, might even be plastic, but the same size.

there should be two of them, one for hazards and one for turn signals. put on the hazards and when you unplug the flasher---if the hazards stop---you found the wrong one.

one old trick was to switch those units, if the problem moved to the hazards and the turn signals worked, you know the problem.

your 'good' description of the problem would lead me to the flasher unit too, provided all the exterior bulbs work.

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02-20-04, 04:09 AM   #3  
If memory serves me that vehicle uses a combination unit for both turn signal and 4 ways and it's under the drivers side dash. Doesn't look like your normal flasher.

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Join Date: Aug 2003
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02-22-04, 02:57 PM   #4  
Found it!

The flasher can is found inside (underneath) the glove box on the opposite side from the fuse block. I found it by turning on the hazard blinkers (which still worked) and following the sound to it's location. (The hazards and turn signals are blinked by different flashers.)

To get to it, you have to pull out the plastic tray of the glove box. There are two clips on the top and two on the bottom lip of the glove box liner. You squeeze the liner together and pull up, and it comes out. With the liner out, you can see the wires and harnesses under the metal dash. On the right side, by the light for the glove box, there is a mount with three cans. The largest and closest is the flasher for the blinker. It pulls straight up. I had missed it before because the part there was blue plastic, and the replacement part was aluminum. It is a can the diameter of a quarter about 1 inch tall. The part is a Wagner 224.

Here is a picture of pulling out the liner:

Here is a picture of the flasher unit:

Thanks for all the help.

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