76 buick skyhawk


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76 buick skyhawk

the car is a 76 Buick Skyhawk, i just got it not to long ago. it has a 3.8L v6. i am having trouble finding a cam for it. i am a speed addict and love to race so i wanna set it up as so. i would like to know if anyone has info on a certain brand or type that would give me the preformance that i am looking for. any suggestions?
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That's just like a Monza isn't it? You should just buy the kit to convert that to a small block V8. You would be much happier. One of my best friends had a 76 with 327 vette engine with headers and auto/trans.
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well i greatly appriciate the info but where would i go about finding this kit, and what would it do for my preformance? thanks a bunch.
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try theres guys

Advance Adaptors makes all kinds of kits for V-8 conversions.
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Those cars came with a 305 as an option so finding parts shouldn't be hard.A 350 or 400 smallblock should be an easy upgrade.Camshafts abound for those engines if you can build the rest of the car to handle the power.A small block chevy is the cheapest engine to build bar none.Some even came with 4 speeds instead of automatics depends on your type of fun.
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hey davo thanks for the info but this my car has a 5 speed manual. crazy huh? its oviously not the original but it works. do you think that could handle the power? what do you mean that car came with an optional 305? buick was made by gm huh? that would make sence. well thanks and ill get back to you on my discoveries. probably asking for more advice.
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the buick V6 has a ton of potential for making power, ask any 'grand national' driver, similiar engine, just newer.

there used to be tremendous amounts of aftermarket parts for these engine, back when the busch grand national division of nascar ran V6's. in the last 15 years, those parts supplies have all but dried up. you might find some obscure parts online if you really look, but they will be all used (abused).
your V6 is an 'odd-fire' engine, not to be confused with the more modern 'even-fire' ones. most parts are not interchangable between the two.

like you've heard, the easiest and somewhat cheapest way to make power is to add two more cylinders(get a V8), although a buick 455 will bolt right up to your trans, it might even fit your motor mounts. and if you look long enough in a few junkyards, you might even find a running one in a station wagon or something. thats the cheapest way in my book.

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