Sway Bar?? On 1994 Intrepid


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Question Sway Bar?? On 1994 Intrepid

I have a problem which hopefully someone can please help me out with. My 1994 Intrepid has, I think a sway bar, which connects the driver's side wheel to the frame (near where the rear axle is); the passenger side also has one. I discovered the frame piece that holds the bar broke, so now there is no connection. I removed the frame piece and that's getting fixed at the shop.

However, here's the problem. The fram piece is U-shaped into which fits a the end of the connecting bar piece. The end of the bar is shaped like a cylinder, into which a rubber bushing is pressed, that has a hole in its center, through which a bolt goes through. So, this cylinder-bushing set up fits between the legs of the U, and a bolt goes through the one leg of the U-shaped frame piece, then through the bushing and out through the other leg of the U-shaped frame piece(there's holes on both legs of the U so bolt can go through). The is then bolted onto the car frame. The problem is, I can't get the bolt out(the head of the bolt broke off) of the bushing, even though I tried turning end where there was a nut and hammaring where the head broke off so it would push the bolt out, but it won't budge. Is there a trick to this??

Thank you in advance!!
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Sounds like you have quite a chore on your hands there. The best thing for you to do is get a cutting torch and heat up just the bolt..... not the nut..... and when it is cherry red take a hammer and knock it out. The threads on the bolt should just splinter off and the whole thing will come right out. It may take a few hits, but it will come out. Dont let it cool down hit it as soon as it gets cherry.
Hope this helps ya,
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I'll have the fire department on standby............
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Reply to Billys68ss & Desi 501

Billys68ss & Desi 501--

Thank you mucho for the responses.

I'm working with the car jacked up off the ground, with my body flat on the ground, so Desi 501 is accurate about the ambulance--the gas tank is about 8" away.

Billys68ss, the only place where I can heat the bolt is towards the nut end, because the head broke off flush with the rubber bushing and the only part that shows is the nut end out of the bushing. I tried turning this bolt, hoping it would come loose from the bushing, but it seems to be stuck onto it.

I tried W-D40ing the other end, so maybe I could take the entire rod assembly off and work with off the car.

The situation is similiar to how leaf-springs are attached to the frame on cars (say, a 1972 Ford Torino). In those setup, the rear leaf springs have a loop at the ends, inside which there is a bushing with a hole through which a bolt goes through. The bushing-loop is sandwiched between the U frame piece and the a bolt holds the entire assembly together. Forgive me if I repeating myself, but I thought this describtion would give a better picture of the situation.

Any more suggestions??

Thank you!!
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OK.... I went back and re-read what you said in both posts. I didnt realize you were working on the rear of the car. It sounds like you are working on the Control arm for ther rear axle. These can be a bugger and if the bolt breaks it can take some time to get it out as you obviously already have seen. I have done this before and it is definately no fun. I would do whatever it takes to get the control arm out of there and then concentrate on the bolt. Maybe cut the bolt on the other side and pull the control arm out of the way and then work on the bolt. Most likely you are going to have to drill it out. Just if you can, try to stay in the center of the bolt and you should be able to get it out without messing the original threads up too bad.
Hope this helps ya,
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This a common problem on suspension parts involving a rubber bushing with a sleeve bonded to it, more so where they use road salt in the winter. The bolt siezes to the sleeve and the sleeves in rubber so pounding on it does nothing.

If the "U" piece is stamped steel (not cast) I find cutting the head and nut off and spreading the "U" to remove the bushing.

If a torch is not safe to use to cut it maybe a cutoff wheel instead. Or Billy's suggestion on drilling down the center of the nut end to cut it off.

After you get it out than you can replace the bushing or suspension component as necessary.
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a picture sure would be worth a thousand words here, i'm still having trouble picturing what's exactly broken.

any chance you can post a picture?

if you want to remove a bushing, i take a cordless drill and make a series of small holes through the rubber until it can be pulled apart. again, a picture would really help.

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