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Could some tell me how Nascar does their tire size? For example 28x12x15 for Jeff Gordon's race car.I know the 15 means rim size but what about the 28x12 equal in millimeters. Also is it hard on radials to criss cross rotate heard varying versions on that topic? My manuel reccomends it but a guy at a local auto parts store said "no don't do it" front to rear only.
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Cross rotating is perfectly OK but not usually necessary. In rare cases, it can cause a pull but will never damage the tire. The actual preferred method is to cross the 2 tires going TO the drive axle and move the other 2 straight back or forward (depending if FWD or not). That way every tire lands in every position at some time without causing any ride disturbances.

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like everything else in nascar, it's measurments are from the stone age.

28 inches tall X 12 inch tread width(footprint) X 15 inch rim, just like it was in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and today. their last major breakthrough was switching to radials. the more they change, the more they stay the same.

i've swapped literally hundreds, maybe in the thousand by now, car's tires just like desi described. my own included, with no problems. the only exception would be 'uni-directional' tires and cars with different rim offsets from front to rear(another chevy thing)

buy your parts from the parts store. if they knew how to fix them, they would be(and not behind the counter).

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