Car left me stranded for the 3rd time last night


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Car left me stranded for the 3rd time last night

88 Camaro 305 TBI. My problems all started when my car would not crank over. It was traced down to a bad connection on the negative battery cable. Since then I have been having trouble with the car intermittently dying on me. When idling the car is fine, I go to drive it and for a while it works fine. The car will start to hesitate, surge, backfire, and misfire until it dies completely and refuses to start for 30 minutes or so. It cranks over fine, might start for a couple of seconds, then dies. If I wait 30 minutes I can limp it back home sometimes, sometimes it takes up to a day before I can get it back.

The shop had trouble putting the scope on it because it was so intermittent, it will happen only while driving, not idling. They said when it does happen the secondary ignition is failing but they can't rule out the primary ignition. They said fuel pressure was fine.

I replaced the coil with a Wells unit from autozone, worked fine for about 4 days then died on me again with the same symptoms.

I then replaced the entire distributor with a rebuild that included a new module/pickup coil. No change.

I replaced the coil again with a Borg/Warner unit thinking maybe the Wells coil crapped out on me and the car worked for about 5 miles until it died again.

I think I blew a fuse for my interior lights/radio the same time I initially had trouble with this stuff, not sure if that is related.

The car drives fine when its working, bu t becomes undrivable when something in there heats up.
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by replacing parts...'ve mostly ruled out ignition stuff.

if it doesn't do it sitting in the stall, how did that shop rule out fuel pressure?

you might try lightly tapping on the PCM while it's running and see if it stumbles or anything...if so, i'd check the connections and replace the ECM if you don't find a problem.

personally, I'd want a fuel pressure guage on it so I could see the fuel pressure NOT die when the car craps out. In could fashion up something to deliver propane so that when it dies, you can give it some fuel and see what happens. another thing you can do isbuy a spark tester and drive it til it dies and then connect the spark tester and have a friend crank it to verify that you DO have an ignition problem
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carguyinva took the words right out of my mouth. It really sounds like fuel pressure.

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