96 Suburban2500 brakes


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96 Suburban2500 brakes

I have a 96 Suburban2500 4x4 8600GVWR with the brakes severely overheated on all 4 wheels. I have checked all the basics(calipers, hoses, e-brake cables, etc) I have checked for residual pressure in brake system with guage set. I have ruled out driver habits. The owner tows a 2000# boat with the truck, but that shouldn't cause the heat damage I am seeing. Any suggestions ?
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mike from nj
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did you check the master cylinder rubber cap for abnormal swelling, any swelling at all is a sign of contamination.

did you spin each wheel by hand, and have someone hit the brakes, and watch each wheel free up the instant the pedal is released.

does the trailer have it's own brakes---it should. all it really takes is one good downhill run while riding the brake pedal to overheat stuff, it can happen fast. or just a few 65-0 stops in a short amount of time, multiplied by a trailer with misadjusted or inoperative brakes.

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Good advise by Mike,

I like to add to investigating an abnormal brake wear problem.....check the rubber pedal pad for wear. If it's worn they must be using the brakes alot.
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I saw no signs of fluid contamination. I checked for pressure release with guages on both front calipers and by spinning the back wheels by hand. All loosened up imediately. No signs of excessive wear on pedal pad for vehicle mileage.
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I don't know how you ruled out driver habits but if you have, you may have to drive it for a while and repeat your tests. Is this happening to all four wheels equally? Make sure you have sufficient freeplay in the pedal travel to insure master cylinder release and no residual pressure build up.

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