89 ford ranger lazy starting

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89 ford ranger lazy starting

I have a 89 Ford Ranger pickup truck in pretty good shape. For over a month now though, it's had a problem which has gotten progressively worse...
When I go to first start the truck, everything turns over and sounds okay, but the engine doesn't catch. I have to try it a few times before it will finally start running.
Like I said, it's gotten worse and I'm afraid it's getting to the point where it's just not going to start at all pretty soon...I'm not good with cars and the only thing I do on a regular basis is change the oil and oil filter.
However, I have noticed something which may or may not be related to the problem- I can smell gas when I get out of my truck from driving somewhere. At first I thought it was just b/c I had an empty gas can laying in the bed of the truck, but now I'm wondering if the two are related???
Anyway, what advice would you give me as to where I should start/ what I should do first?
Thanks a whole bunch, I've got a long drive to take tomorrow(!)
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i would suggest to have the starter checked out and see how many volts the alternator is puttin out...thats where i would start.
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I would check from the gas tank up to the engine to find out if you are leaking gas.The smell has to be coming from somewhere.This is a safety concern and needs corrected before starting problems since you shouldn't drive a vehicle thats leaking gas.
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sorry it took a while for me to get back, and thanks for answering...turns out my father-in-law used to work on ford trucks (you learn sumpin' new every day. i didn't even know he was ever a mechanic!) and i was able to convey the problem a bit more in-depth to him on the phone.

some of the details i had omitted in my post were that the truck seems very underpowered; almost like it would with bad plugs, only no surging. also, the last time i drove it, my gas mileage was down from 28 m.p.g. to around 8 mpg (it was gradually getting worse, but i didn't realize how bad it was until i burned well over half a tank on a round trip that took < 2 hours!) etc. etc.

according to him, he's fixed several ford trucks with almost the exact same symptoms simply by changing the fuel filter. if this doesnt work, he said it will be my fuel pump or possibly vaccum seal leak (or something to that effect)...either way, he said i should go ahead and change my fuel filter regardless...

since i have no idea where to fuel filter is, i looked it up online.

and although i still have no idea where it is(!) i did learn that for a ford ranger, you have to buy a special tool (10$ at auto parts stores) to be able to access it...

ill stay posted, and thanks again for your help.
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Pull the vacuum hose of the fuel pressure regulator and see if there is gas in the hose, if so replace the regulator.

The regulator is on the fuel rail with the injectors.

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