95 pathfinder


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95 pathfinder

4wd, 5sp, V-6.

Very sweet smell when running. There is not a coolant leak. Smells more like tranny fluid. I had it checked for tranny leaks and none were found. I also had the tranny fluid changed recently and the smell got stronger immediately after. At that time I learned that my catalytic converter heat shield had basically rusted away. I am going to do a new exhaust system this spring to take care of that. I'm wondering if the heat shield being missing could be heating the tranny fluid?

Any suggestions?
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does it smell anything like rotten eggs? sounds like to me from what you are telling the shield being missing thats what it is doing ...so i would suggest not waiting until spring change it ASAP.LET US KNOW WHAT YOU FIND OUT
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not like eggs...

I know why you ask. This is not the c.c. I don't have an exhaust leak as I have checked all of that. It's just with all the salt etc. they put on the roads my exhaust rusted out and will need t be replaced. I was wondering if the lack of heat shield would contribute to the problem. This is definately a "sweet" smell, but it not antifreeze...no loss of fluid etc.

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Sweet smell equals coolant to me,if it's a real small leak it may be hard to detect and the coolant level could take a while to drop.That sometimes can be something like a tube in the radiator starting to seep.Look closer or have someone dye test the system.
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You were right Dave, but, that's why I come here! Excellent advice...

I have a small coolant leak...working on that tomorrow!

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