90' Dodge Caravan dies when engine is hot


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Question 90' Dodge Caravan dies when engine is hot

hi, i have a 1990 Dodge caravan with a 2.5 liter engine, when the engine has warmed up it will usualy die if i stop for more than a few seconds, and won't start for a few minutes untill the engine cools slightly. it will also sputter and jerk kinda on some occasions while i'm driving. I was told it was probably my oxegyn sensor, but i had that replaced about 9 months ago, along with new plugs, wires, and a complete tune up. I was kinda thinking it might be something with the vacuum hoses but i really have no idea, Until now the van has ran fairly well but now it sounds terrible and is hard to keep running. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanx
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sounds like...

...a stuck open EGR valve to me...you probably should take it to someone and have them check it...but not the person who said it was the o2 sensor. does it run ok when you have the throttle open...cruising down the highway? if it runs ok then...i'd really suspect that EGR
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you will need to do a little investigating.

the next time it stalls and won't restart, pop the hood and check it for spark at a plug wire of your choice, a phillips screwdriver is a good tool for this.

also, unbolt the air cleaner housing and look into the throttle body for the injector to be spraying fuel into the engine in spurts. you can compare this to when the engine is running, you will see almost a complete stream of fuel spraying.

one or both of these missing or present will greatly narrow the problem down.

let us know, or ask more questions
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mike from nj
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forgot to say: cycle the key off/on 3 times, leaving it on. the check engine light will flash in a sequence, with different spaces between flashes. there are only two digit codes, and 55 means no codes.

if the light was ever on while driving, this will say why.

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