1994 Eagle Vision ESI 3.3


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Question 1994 Eagle Vision ESI 3.3


I have a very big problem with my car!) When I'm driving a car shutting down after arround 10 min. drive. A cruse light comming on, and sometimes before engine stops check engine light disapier too. But this is only happening when a car in speed, and specially heavy traffic occur. If I'm lucky and I can push all the way down a gas pedal a car "jump" a coupple then stop doing stopping, and just run fine. A computer diagnostic test doesn"t showed anything. I changed a crank sensor, and a fuel filter, I have a bad filling may be my computer dieing?! How can I reset my car computer? Or what else could be a problem?
Thank You if you have some idea what I can do to stop the problem, it very dangerous, when a engine shutting down I can't even turn a steering wheel.

Thank You!

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mike from nj
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it's unlikely that your computer would be dying, you(or someone) would need to be watching a scan tool while the problem is occurring, to see what is and isn't happening.

are you sure it's a 3.3, not a 3.5?

if you want to, you can hook up a fuel pressure gauge and drive around and watch the pressure 'as the problem is happening'

how old are the plugs and wires, do you see any smoke (black) from the tailpipe when it restarts?

what do you mean the check engine light dissappears sometimes before it stalls?
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Hi Mike!
A car is 3.3. I'm going to do what you suggested, I hope I can find out witch one of the computers is bad. My car is just running fine about 10 minutes after is begining to "jump" with a cruse light on, and if I cant push the gas pedal all the way down a check engine light coming up the before the engine stop this is disapier. But if I can push a gas all the way down a car "jump" a coupple than a check engine light stays on and a car just running fine again. If I restart a car a check engine light disapier, and everything is working just fine -this is why I think something with the electronic is bad.
A I have this car almost 3 years ago, and a wires is old, but I don't see a smoke. Since I buyed I always have this problem just before only happend when I was over a 80 mile speed, and a car did a same what now just if I did not get over 80 is everything was fine. I changed a crank sensor because the computer diagnostic test only showed that. But after two week a car just begining to do a same with the new sensor, than I just did not get over 80mile/h.
I love working on the car just sometimes I don't have idea what is wrong with it, I already changed a water pump, fuel filter, transmission filter and oil a last two months, these are was the easy part!))
Thanks !


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