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I am lookinf for a hitch for my 00 Durango. I want to get a good deal, but since I've never bought a hitch before, I'm not sure what a good price would be, or where a good place would be to go to get a good price. I will be installing the hitch myself. Any suggestions of where to look?
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lots of good ones

Check out Draw tite Ressese etc they make hitches.Also U Haul has them.
Find another truck like you have and take a look to see what they have.
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you can also use the dealer as a resource...

...for price comparison and for brand quality. draw tite and reese are both good brands and should bolt on (direct fit) easily. depending on what weight hitch you are going to buy will determine price range. they come in classes and it's based on how heavy the towed vehicle will be at it's max weight. in other words, I own a 25 foot travel trailer that weighs 4400 lbs empty...but loaded can gross at 7000. a class 3 hitch will handle up to 5000 lbs but i can easily exceed that so i have a class 4 rated at 10000 lbs max.

happy towing...
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