rear passenger trailing arm bushing


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rear passenger trailing arm bushing

1994 hyundai elantra...i need to replace the "trailing arm bushing". I was going to attempt to do the job myself but talking to a few friends that repair cars, they tell me i might end up with more trouble than it is worth.

They say that some of these trailing arm bushings are press fitted in and somtime have to be torched in order to get the old bushing out of the trailing arm.

Also they say that the new trailing arm bushing usually have to be press fitted in.

They also tell me that if i dont support the rear axle properly that the traling arm will not go back in as it is not alligned properly.
Are my freinds correct in telling me that to pay a mechanic 1 to 2 hours to install would far outweigh the possible problems i might incurr by doing it myself in the driveway?...What is your opinion on this....
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They are right about most of the problems you are going to encounter. A torch or cut off wheel may very well be a tool you will need. Remember Murphys Law!

Some times you can get by removing the old bushing with an air chisel and using a socket to pound in the new one.

If you never done this type work it may be worth 2 hours pay. If your feeling adventurous go for it.

It might be easier to replace the whole arm.

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