want information about scanners


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want information about scanners

Iwas looking at scanners today and found one in the price range of 200 dollars and would like some information as to if this price scanner gives enough information to really be helpful. it said it would record information while you were driving that could be helpful in diagnosing intermittent problems. It also said it could be upgraded to oddII . Any information would be appreciated or would this just be a new toy ( not that I mind new toys.) Acctron was the brand name . I have a acctron fuel pressure guage and a compression guage and they seem to work ok.
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What year cars are looking to use it on, are they OBD II?
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no theyr'e obd I. But the scanner said you can purchase cables for obdII connections. that sounds like it would work out because eventually I will upgrade to a obdII vehicle.
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Last time I needed a scanner I rented one from Schucks auto parts for $9.00 a day. I was going to buy one for about $150.00.
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based on your previous posts, if you want to measure your oxygen sensor voltage, backprobe the connector with a pin or paper clip, and hook your digital voltmeter to it. run the wires inside the car and hook up the ground lead to something like the cig. lighter. now you can watch the sensor voltage all the time while you drive.

if your cat was completely broken and the pieces were falling out, guess where most of them ended up---in the muffler. it is very possible that the parts are floating around in there, and every so often clog most of the passages, blocking the exhaust. shutting it off might make some of the particles fall out and let it run ok for a while. did you take out the muffler and turn it upside down to get most of them out? this could possibly reset the lean exhaust code, maybe even a cruise vacuum code. it's worth a try.

the way to be 100% sure is to do an exhaust backpressure test, and have the problem occur while the gauge is hooked up.

or you could buy a scan tool
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I wouldn't expect a whole lot from $200 scanner since the ones we use can range from $2000 to $6000. It's a matter of what they have access to and what functions they can perform. If all they are are OBDI code readers, you don't even need a scanner for that. On OBDII, your likely only getting the "generic" side of the computer. You won't have access to any of the factory side info.
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sensor testers

I was in auto zone checking out scanners sunday and i saw one that is supposed to check the sensors. The counter guy said that that was what they used. It was only about 70 bucks (actron). Just wanted to get some ideas if any one has any experience with this type of tester. as always all responses are appreciated.
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I have about 4 (old) Actron units that sit in my shed
I use the Auto X-Ray now
It has saved me $400 in sensor purchases in the last year
If you can use a fuel pressure and compression gauge and don't mind new toys, do not bother with the cheap "code readers"
This thing is ez to use and way helpful
Get the OBDII adapters-you will want to use this one on other cars just for the kick of getting the real time data!
Just hook it up and enter your VIN
You can also get a PC Link for updates and making graphs and stuff
It's not a $4000 scanner but it's pretty darn good
Great for a DIY

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