Engine nosie and dropping oil pressure

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Engine nosie and dropping oil pressure

I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee with less that 100K miles on it. We just bought it 3 months ago and there has been an increasing knocking noise in the engine, mostly on start up. Does this sound like an engine re-build or replacement or something less major?

Also, we took a drive tonight and my husband noticed that the oil pressure was at 0. I have no idea what makes the oil pressure drop like that.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.
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mike from nj
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someone needs to hook a mechanical oil pressure gauge to the block and see if you have an electrical problem(gauge related) or an engine problem.

i can tell you, a gauge problem doesn't lead to increasing engine noises. if you drive it for more than a few minutes with the oil pressure at zero, consider yourself lucky the engine didn't weld itself together into one solid mass of metal. even if it didn't, the damage is already done.

here's what i've seen, and way more than once, and not only chrysler's products. the previous owner changed the oil maybe once or twice. what oil was in there turned to disgusting sludge and coated everything inside. you purchased his problem, did the responsible thing by changing the oil, but that fresh oil loosened all that sludge up, and now you have a clogged oil pickup screen. you should have shut it off immediately, to prevent any more damage, by driving with no oil pressure. (and i mean----shutting it off and coasting to the side of the road, and getting it towed) oil is the engine's "blood".

after the mechanical gauge reading, you will know exactly what you have.

(when i get these, i install a remanufactured engine)

let us know what you find
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Thanks for your insight.

I guess we are going to have to replace the engine. I looked around on the net for pricing on remanufactured engines for my vehicle. They were around $1600+ shipping (not that I am going to have one flown to Alaska...i was just looking) Is it your experience that they are better to be purchased and installed at the dealer or would I be better off going to a smaller outfit?

Thanks again for the info.
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A dealer dosen't have to do it, if you have someone who is experienced and reputable in a small shop I'm sure they can handle it.
Dealer installation has nationwide warrantee on part / labor and a chain of command if someting goes wrong. Some of the companies that sell reman engines also offer a warrantee.

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