Strange rattling sound from Mustang


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Strange rattling sound from Mustang

Car is a 2003 Mustang V6, 5speed tranny, 20,000 serious problems to date, with the exception of a bad throw out bearing,
The car has a number of modifications done to it, Cold air, exhaust, pulleys, etc.

The problem is this:

I'm getting a really strange rattling sound coming from the engine area...It happens mostly when i hit small bumps on the road, and occasionally in the low used to happen only when the traction control would kick in, but now its happening much more almost sounds like something is loose like a motor mount or something...

Any thoughts?
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It should be under warranty, take it back to the dealer. It's impossibe to diagnose a noise over the Internet.
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By any chance did the noise first appear after the mods? I'd look close at the cold air and the exhaust.

Dealer may want to charge a check out fee if the mods are the cause of the rattle (which he has every right to do).

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