87 suburban no power under acceleration


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87 suburban no power under acceleration

I have replaced the control mod ,coil, dist cap & rotor, pickup coil, plugs & wires.I have set the timing with a vac gauge and timing light. I have replaced the fuel pump and filter. I can't seem to get any good power under accelleration, any ideas?
It has a throttle body on a 350 with auto.
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my mine has gone blank.but anyway im thinking or trying to hows the injectors look.did you replace all the fuel filters.is the timing chain wore out.this is all i can think of right off hand .someone else will come along.so dont make any sudden decisions from what i said .
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Does it "stumble" when accelerating, or just lacks power?
How many miles on this vehicle?
How's your tranny fluid level?
Can you do a cylinder compression check?
By throttle body do you mean it is a throttle body injection engine with (a) big injector(s) on the throttle body?
Do you know the service history?
The items you changed are the usual suspects
You'll need to dive a little deeper
Any more info might help
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underpowered sub

Been awhile, but does it have a catalytic converter? It might be plugged.

Also might have a bad/disconnected knock sensor (if equipped). Had this happen to me on a '91 Sub. Knock sensor connector came off, timing retarded, BAM - NO POWER!

Just a few thoughts.


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THANKS TO ALL I found the problem. It ended up being the knock sensor. I replaced it and reset the timing. It runs just about like new.

THANKS AGAIN for all your input,keep up the good work.
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87 sub fix


Glad we could help.


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