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A Car

Okay, I'm a student, so I'm broke and extremely busy. I need a place to take my car since it decided it didn't want to start anymore. Assuming that it isn't the battery, which I'm going to try to check this Saturday, I need some advice on a dependable place that won't take away my ability to eat three meals a day... Any suggestions?

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What make/model, rinard?

1. If you take your battery to your local Autozone, Advanced/Discount, or other major franchise, they'll check it for free (expecting, of course, that you'll buy the replacement from them if needed).

2. If you post some symptoms here we may be able to steer you in the right direction.

3. Easy thing to check: Corrosion on battery terminals. You can get a battery post cleaning tool for a few bucks to do the best job. Also check if the original cable terminal has been replaced; those replacement ends are notorious for getting corroded. To fix that, disconnect the negative terminal and then unbolt the little strap holding the cable on one or both of the ends. Clean up both the cable and terminal and reconnect. Best way, if there is sufficient cable, is to trim the end back to clean metal and then reattach.

4. Ask friends and family to recommend a good garage. Just remember "good" is rarely the same as "cheap" or "quick".

Saw a good poster at a garage yesterday:

Good, Cheap, & Quick

If you want it good and cheap, it won't be quick.
If you want it good and quick, it won't be cheap.
If you want it cheap and quick, it won't be good.

5. You might also call a couple of local independent towing companies and see who they recommend. Just make sure they are truly independent. Trust me, the tow guys know who's good.
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car repair on a budget

My all time favorite:


Anyway, tow guy's right. Give us a few more specifics and we'll do what we can to help.

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The car has massive 'over-steer'. The first 30 degrees turn in the wheel do little if nothing at all. If I hit a pothole or curb the wheels will move in whatever direction they choose. If I break hard the wheels will also pitch in whatever direction, regardless of camber on the road. This causes a massive steering problem. Has anyone any ideas?
I am getting no joy from Maxima and really need some help. A maxima mobile technician drove the car and admits there is a problem, but nobody can seem to find it!!!

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OK, first get the terminology right. Oversteer/understeer conditions refer to a vehicles ability to hold traction from either the front or the rear in extreme cornering situations. What you have is steering wheel play or linkage movement. Camber is a wheel alignment term associated with the angle of the front wheel. To say that a technician can't find a proplem like that is ridiculous. The problem has to be completely obvious to even a novice. If the steering wheel turns and the wheels don't, it should be very easy to see where it's happening.
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Hi rinard,

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