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Question 94 4runner

I have a 94-runner 150,000. Its had a full tune up: timming belts new plugs, rotor, distributor. It has a shudder in the engine at speed ranges from 45mph to 75mph the shudder is at its worse point right after the transmission switches into over drive. Their is no sign of power loss, or alot of fuel consumption. I had a compression check on the engine and the readings were okay.
Their is a rotten egg smell from the exhaust (?catalyic converter?) Any guess-ta-mation would be great.

Thanks :
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How about dirty injectors? How about ignition wires, were they changed?
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Lightbulb toyota man help

I have switched the ignition wires. But not the injectors. My engine does have a rapid tapping noise. (injectors??) I believe my head gaskets is starting to leak. Any signs to look for to verify this issue. Thanks again.
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Hi janimal22

I merged you two posts together. Please use the reply button to keep all replies together.

I would suggest a pressurized injector cleaner. That would be best, not as good would be the kind you add in the tank. Some guys say BG 44 (might have wrong # correct me if) is very good. I have used Techron with good results.

I have used Toyota brand pressurized cans with very good results.
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As for the headgaskets...coolant loss, white smoke and see if you have a miss when you first start it in th AM.

Pull out #6 plug and look for cracked insulator (by the electrode) and coolant discoloration

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