What are Service Bulletins


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What are Service Bulletins

I went to alldata.com to check recalls on my Truck and noticed alot of Service Bulletins, what exactly is a Service Bulletin? Also how long can a recalled item on a truck be fixed. The truck is a 1990 but if the recall was never fixed will they still fix it and would it be in Ford's main system with the dealers maybe by vin number to see if it has been fixed. Thanks
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a service bullentin is a list of things that are more than likely to messe up.if its under warranty it will be fixed at no cost to you.if not under warranty you have to pay for it being fixed.a recall is is for safety reasons.if there is a recall on it the dealership will fix it for free.HOPE THIS HELPS
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A TSB (technical service bulliten) is an advice sent to the dealers from the manufacter describing the way to deal with a repeating problem found, a change in general policy concerning a particular situation and any general instructions on anything that needs to get to the factory technicians. A recall is a free repair that is only done for safety OR emission reasons and may or may not be mandated by the Federal government.

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