Lugging transmission?


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Question Lugging transmission?

I recently bought a 1997 F-150 4x4 extended cab,with the 4.6L motor auto transmission,and 3:55 rear end (tow pkg).
It has 72,000 on it and seems to be in excellent cond.
Since I've owned it,I've noticed that around 40MPH,1500 rpm,it "Luggs" and feels like its struggling?Otherwise it has plenty of power,and runs good.Yesterday I was driving on a smooth rd,about 40mph,and it started "Lugging" more than normal,then All of a sudden it started shaking from underneath,it felt like I was driving on a washboard!!It lasted maybe 4 sec...
Then it went away?Any ideas???I talked to the dealer I bought it off,He will have someone look at it?The problem is it doesn't do it all the time?What could this washboard feel be???Thanks
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Has the check engine light popped on then off?
See if there are any stored memory codes (even if no light)
There are parts stores that will do this for free
This may help to pinpoint the problem
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Sounds like a lock-up TC shudder. Common on some Fords.

Happens when it goes in OD lock-up, next time it does it (shudder) tap on the brake enough to turn the brake lights on. This will take it out of lock-up and the shudder should stop.

This can be corrected by changing the fluid with a good quailty fluid. You have to drop the pan and the convertor has a drain to get all the fluid out. Could also be done with a trans fluid exchanging machine.

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