Brake Line Question


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Brake Line Question

I'm replacing the brake lines on an old (89) full size blazer. It will be used to tow a 3500lb boat 1-2 times per year. Anyone feel it would be worth upgrading to SS braided lines over OEM rubber ones? Just trying to decide which to go with. Price is around $70 for the OEM vs. $105 for braided.
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SS may last longer .....but I'm sure new OEM will most likley be the last set you will need. And they will fit better.
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SS lines

SS lines will give you a better brake feel because they do not swell with pressure.
Think of it this way take a garden hose with a nozzle when you turn off the water with the nozzle the hose will get bigger do to pressure.same thing.If you can afford SS hoses I would get them but regular is also good.

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