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derrick l akins
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Post engine trouble

i have a 1993 ford econoline 150 with a 351 v-8 5.8L that the oil pressure reads normal until the van warms up and then the oil reads past low and wont move off the mark the oil pump has been replaced more than twice and i don't know what else to do can u help plz?
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You didn't give the mileage or any repair history.

First you should establish if the pressure is low with a mechanical test gage. These can be rented at some of the part stores.
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A 351 modified with low oil pressure?The hell you say.Those engines are notorious for bearing and crankshaft wear.That's where your oil pressure went it's leaking out the engine bearings.You should check it with a known good guage maybe you have a faulty sending switch.I really hope that is all it is.Do you get a slight rapping noise when you first start it or while cruising at a steady speed?
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I thought they stopped making 351M's way before '93, sometime around '78 or so. In a '93 wouldn't that be a Windsor?
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A '93 351 would be a Windsor, not a 351M

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