oil leakage


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oil leakage

I have a 1998 Chevrolet Lumina LTZ, with a 3.8 Liter 6-cylinder engine in it. I am from the State of Iowa. I previously posted asking some questions about what turned out to be an oil leak (see post "Oil Smell?" for more info)

I took it into a mechanic friend that I trust, and he said that it is leaking a little bit in three places: around the oil pan gasket, the intake valve and the valve covers. They didn't replace anything, they just tightened everything up and he said I should first see if this takes care of things, because it was only leaking a very little bit, nothing too significant. The only reason why I took it in was because that 'little bit' of oil leakage was dripping right on the hot exhaust, which you can imagine really was starting to smell....So I will see how this takes care of things.

However, if this does not work, I've got some couple questions:

1. If I took this in to a mechanic shop, approximately what would it cost to replace the gaskets in these three places? And what would it cost to replace the gaskets in, say, just the valve covers alone (if I could get rid of the smell off the exhaust I'd be happy)

2. If I had a good manual (ex: Hayne's manual) and right tools, is this something that I could tackle on my own? How difficult is it replace these? And are there any special tools needed (I imagine a torque wrench for sure). I've got some friends who are pretty proficient with work like this and thought maybe I could buy the parts and do this with them.

3. Would replacing any of these parts require any major tools? Are any of these in really difficult places to reach that would require an automotive lift, or engine lift, etc...

4. Approximately how much would the parts for this project run me, and can anyone recommend a good place to buy these parts, or better yet, recommend what brand name parts I should use, should I try to tackle this on my own?

EDITED: He also said it may be leaking at the rocker arms -

Thank you in advance for any answers you can give me, this discussion forum has been a huge help.


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anyone have an opinion on this?
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There were a lot of good replies in your other thread.

However, if the oil is somehow getting on the exhaust system, there's a good chance it's finding its' way there from higher up.

Either have if professionally diagnosed with dye OR spray clean the engine yourself and get a good flashlite and see if you can spot the leaks.

Most repairs are based on flat (book) rate found by multiplying the hours times the shop rate.

The valve cover reseal is probably 2 hours plus parts ($20)?

The pan at bit more depending on accessibility.

The intake manifold is a lot bigger job and will be priced accordingly.

As for DIY, the only specialty tool would be a torque wrench if you don't have a "calibrated" mechanic's elbow. Just kidding.
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