Door Ajar Light


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Deacon Dave
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Door Ajar Light

I have a 99 Ford F150 Lariat. About 3 months ago, the door ajar light started coming on and stayed on. Also the interior lights and the cargo light stayed on (as long as the door ajar light was on. I disconnected the battery so that it wouldn't drain, the next morning I reconnected the battery and the problem was gone.

Now, 3 months later, it has started again with a new twist. The problem started again exactly as before. I disconnected the battery again and it seemed to have "fixed" it again. Later in the day, the door ajar light came on again, but when I come to a stop the interior lights and cargo lights come on and stay on. When I take off from a start, the lights go off. The door ajar light stays on the entire time.

Can anyone help?
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Hi welcome to the Forums

This is getting to be a hot one lately:

The switch in the latch is sticking, common problem on late model Fords. You need to spray WD-40 to clean it.

The door latch assy has sort a slot were the striker meshes into. You need to spray towards the bottom back corner ( back-meaning the part of the slot closest to the outer door skin). Open and close the door a couple of times and keep spraying it.

Do each door till you find the one causing the problem
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Deacon Dave
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I'll give it a shot, thanks.

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