Check engine Light


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nelson knowles
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Check engine Light

My 1996 5.7L V8 chevy 1500 P/U check engine lwas is on. Had it scan they say it was o2 sensor. I put in brand new sensors the light come back on with in 2 hours or 10 mile drive. Get it scan again . The scan say o2 is reading lean what must I do to stop it.
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First, stop changing O/2 sensors. It's only reporting the true facts, you have lean exhaust. You need to look at things like a severe vacuum leak, low fuel pressure etc. look very closely at things like the PCV feed hose and other vacuum feeds.
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check engine light


Desi's right. The MOST COMMON rookie mistake is automatically replacing the part associated with the code.

The code is telling you what CIRCUIT is affected. Then you've got to figure out the underlying cause. Yes, it could be the part, the wiring (short or bad ground), fuel supply, vacuum leaks or a myriad of other problems.

You need to look a little deeper into the cause before you can get the PROPER fix.


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