Last Rites for Taurus?


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Unhappy Last Rites for Taurus?

It looks like itís the end of the road for my 1992 Taurus. The car has 122,000, it has a power steering leak, which we will not repair, and it does not shift well. The car goes to about 20 or 25 miles, and then will not shift to the next gear. It simply races. The car had been sitting all winter, and the transmission fluid was low. I refilled it hoping it would take care of the problem, but it did not. Is there a mechanic out there who can tell me that this car has it, and that it is time for last rites?
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Seeing as it has 122K on it and trans history on These is not promising.

You say you won't repair the PS leak....your not going to pass state inspection.

Might be time to turn it out to pasture.
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TWELVE (12) winters in the "wilds" of Rochester probably means it has paid its' dues and needs to be told to "go to the light" LOL.

Seriously though, having grown up doing Pennsylvania winters and the salted roads I can only imagine that the power steering and tranny are only the first of many things ready to fail or fall apart.

I know finances dictate what we can and can't purchase, but you probably just need to weigh the cost of repairs against the value of the car.


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Thank you. I think that reality has set in, and its time for the Taurus to go. I know with the leaks it is an environmental hazard as well. It has taken in a lot of salt from our winters, including a trip up from DC in a snowstorm with salted roads from Pennsylvania to Rochester. The car turned from dark blue to white. Thank goodness it is an extra car. It will be a Kidney Car donation.
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Taurus/Sables had several terminal illnesses when they rolled off the assembly line. You got WAY more than average life out of a '92.

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