97 dodge ram V6


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Unhappy 97 dodge ram V6

97 ram V6-Sometimes when i attempt to start engine it dies out. I have to play with the gas, put it in gear and drive off or it will stall out. Had a new fuel pump installed 3-4 years ago,changed plugs, wires,rotor and distributer cap recently. Have not had a tune up done by a real mechanic. Should I or is it something I can do myself?
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mike from nj
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purely guessing, without seeing a scan tool, i would guess your battery is dying.

if when starting, the battery voltage dips below a certain voltage, it screws up the 'learned idle' values big time. you will know this if you give it the slightest amount of gas (like 10% throttle) and it keeps running , yet stalls when you let the pedal up.

the real fun starts when you need to jump start these. i just drive it into the shop with the battery box still hooked up, and the hood open a foot.

you can put a voltmeter on the battery and have someone start it, or, unplug the connector at the bottom of the coil and crank it up to 15 seconds, and see how low your battery is actually going. ideal=11.5volts, marginal=10.5, bad=9.5 and under

a real tune-up? these disappeared when points and condensors(and carburetors) went away.

champion plugs every 30,000 miles. dealership(chrysler) cap, rotor, and wires anytime after 100,000 miles and you will be worry-free in the ignition area. no fuel filter, except under the fuel pump. depending on who and how much you spent on the fuel pump replacement, determines if they replaced the filter or not. pepboys replaces 'the pump' only, a dealer replaces the whole module (filter included), anywhere in between those two and you could have either, depends on the guys attitude. you get what you (want to) pay for.

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