Misfire during acceleration up the same hill...twice


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Misfire during acceleration up the same hill...twice

I wasn't able to read the reply on my misfire problem. I will ask the question again...I noticed a misfire, and the CEL comes on, when I accelerate up the same hill near my house. The car seems to be fine, and has full power but the CEL comes on and I noticed a misfire on the spark plugs(carbon deposits...changed the plugs and deposits have gradually reduced). The car has hardly been driven and has only done a 40 mile journey as the longest trip in the last 4 months. I know misfiring is more common with stop and go/ short trip driving. Let me hear from you folks out there whether there's anything I can do to correct this problem coz last time I checked the plugs after the CEL light came on, they appeared to show normal combustion(so I presume the injectors are fine, and the ignition/timing etc works fine). The car is a Mitsubishi Galant 95 2.4L AT. thanks. Also, I may add that the CEL light operates normally after a reset, but has come on twice at that same hill.
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Why can't you read the replies from the last time you posted about your problem? They are still there?

You were asked about how old the ignition wires are?(repair history).

Did you change the wires and still have the problem?

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